Michael Klamerus

A very short prototype to test the Charles Engine
Two people explore the North Pole looking for a man rumored to make any wish come true
A ttrpg system that using bowling for action resolution
Computer game archival by mail
A game where your soul has been scattered across an alien planet and your only hope is a talking baby
Two people explore a mysterious land for a place rumored to make any dream come true
A solo tabletop rpg about making a mythical night-time drive across the U.S.
You are holding a USB flash drive and must plug it in.
A single-player ttrpg about researching the unknown
A solo ttrpg inspired by 90s educational software
The sequel to the hit card game!
A map-drawing game about adventure games
A map-drawing game about small towns
A solo roleplaying game about exploring an archive of websites
An epistolary game about friendship and adventure games
Hint guide for a non-existent adventure game from 1998.
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A relaxing Bitsy game for those that miss summer.
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Things I Helped With or Contributed To