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ArchiveOS Computer Edition

ArchiveOS is a journaling game about archiving video games using the postal service and Discord tags. Players use the zip code or number attached to a Discord handle to generate new retro video games, and then send the game to someone they know. The code used to generate the games will determine the game’s genre, theme, platform, features, and objects that come with the game, also known as feelies. Archivists will also use the page to design box art for the game in the space provided.

When someone receives a game, they are encouraged to archive it by uploading the game to the forum below.  The forum archive will allow others to view the games that have been created.

The download includes a printable version to send to your friends, and a screen version if you want to know more about the hardware we wrote for the game.

Revenue Sharing

This game has a companion edition: ArchiveOS Console Version, which has all the same rules but includes prompts for video game consoles instead. If you want to get both editions and give us a tip go to the bundle page here

Archival Goal

When ArchiveOS reaches 50 and 100 games archived across both the Computer and Video Game Versions, new features will be unlocked. At 50 games archived, a version of ArchiveOS for archiving video game peripherals will become available. At 100 games archived, a zine that functions as a designer commentary will be unlocked. This zine will discuss the zine of the game, the inspirations for the platforms seen in both versions, and a brief history of those inspirations.

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