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A tabletop game about exploring the archive of a defunct network of webpages from decades ago.

This is a hack of Takuma Okada's Alone Among the Stars.

Inspirations include Hypnospace Outlaw and the Internet Archive.

For 1+ Players.

Uses a six-sided die and a 52 card deck of playing cards.

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Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Thank you so much for such a lovely game! It's so inspiring and, like W.H. Arthur said, such a wonderful throwback.

Of course nothing beats rolling a die and using playing cards but I made a barebones companion to help play when I was traveling last year, y'all feel free to use it: https://alone-in-cyberspace-companion.vercel.app/

Source here: https://github.com/yoiang/AloneInCyberspaceCompanion


oh wow, this is so cool!

Thank you and thanks again for the game!


Alone in Cyberspace is a game where you surf the internet of the late 90s. It is a game that brings you back to the past!


Thank you for checking it out!


how do you play it? all i get is a pdf explaining what the game is.


First solo-rpg i've ever played! This was a very nice experience and i defiently reccomend it for people who just wanna get lost in their own creativity and nostaliga for a bit. Thanks for a very nice moment

Thank you for checking it out!


Sorry, this seems incredibly interesting but upon paying and downloading the PDF, I must admit I am terribly confused. Could someone explain this game to this noob in more layman terms please?


No problem! Essentially it's a journaling game where you draw cards and use the book as inspiration for what you find while exploring the archives. While there isn't a recording of anyone playing my game, there is one of the game that inspired it, Alone Among the Stars, and that might help give you a feel for how to play this game


I've been so busy that I haven't had the time to check out that video yet - but I wanted to say thanks! :) Hoping to get a chance to learn and give your game a go soon.


Haven't done too much tabletop before but this was a entertaining experience! It had me really nostalgic about browsing sites via Netscape and AOL. Also, I discovered a site about otaku dating with about me videos in a neighborhood and that sold me. 

thank you!


It was quite a bit of fun, brought back some nostalgia :)