The Beginner's Guide to Gardening is an education tool to introduce people to gardening. I've found gardening to be a fun and relaxing hobby and I hope this Twine inspires you to start your own garden.

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Also check out my other gardening things on here like The Beginner's Guide to Compost and Bee-utiful Day, a short Bitsy game on how people can help bees!

AuthorMichael Klamerus
Made withTwine
TagsGardening, Twine

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Short and cute! Could use some color/graphics, but the content is clear and accessible for beginners (like me). Not very in-depth, but provides a good overview of the basics.

Thank you! Adding a little more color and art is definitely the next step I hope to take this. If I can figure out ways to add depth without making it less beginner friendly, I will do that too. Was there anything you felt you had unanswered questions about?