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Heard this played on Party of One and knew it must become part of my life from now on.

Thank you so much! I’m a big Party of One fan so it was an honor to hear it played on there

This is a very cool game! Easy set up and really fast to start playing.It was my gf first contact with something similar and she loved it, she even wants to frame the map we did for the session. Congrats to the developer/s.

Thank you! I’m really glad you enjoyed it!


This game is super fun to play! I don't know if we were being too creative or whatever but it did take way longer than 4 hours. Very fun, though. Highly recommend. The game varies in tone based on the people playing it and there's a lot of replayability. We ended up making something resembling a children's chapter book out of it. Super creative!

Thank you!


Navigator is a three page, two-player, GMless rpg with a feeling similar to Stalker, Roadside Picnic, Metro, and other post-apocalyptic-plus-the-unexplained sci-fi stories.

You play with d6s and a deck of cards, and you take on the roles of two people---one with experience inside the wild Zone, and one without.

This baked-in dynamic is neat, but a lot of the gameplay is storytelling and map-drawing, so you'll be riffing off of each other's ideas as you describe the setting probably more often than you're in-character exploring the cool dynamic.

The game is open-ended, and it doesn't force any one particular mood, but it really does seem to want players who are first and foremost interested in improvising a story. If that's you, this is a really solid game, and I'd recommend picking it up. If that's not you, but you like things like Fallout, you may still want to give this a shot.


Thank you!

Thank you for writing it!


Haven't played yet, but the description is giving me hard Tanis vibes

Thanks! I wasn't familiar with Tanis until now but it seems neat