Guiding Twine is a tool for helping you find a new tabletop RPG to play, whether you are new to tabletop RPGs or you're looking for a new game to play.

Guiding Twine is still in active development. I will be adding games to it but please let me know if there's a game that should be added or something that needs to be fixed.


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You should include Expedition Game into the "rules-light" category. Not only is it Choice-Based similar to Twine, the RPG is free, open-source, digital-compatible, DM-less, and only requires a d20. I think it's a good entry point.

Good idea! I just listened to a podcast about it here and it sounds really cool

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I definitely think Expedition RPG is great for friend groups that do not already have an "experienced GM" to overcome the first game barrier. The "on-rails" collaborative story-telling is very easy to get into.

Thanks for linking the podcast, I've listened to One Shot in the past, but not Modifier. The podcast mentioned two evolutions i'm interested in. I'm hoping that Expedition's Quest Creator will eventually integrate with Twine and Yarn Spinner so that it will be easier to run Solo RPG's. Also, my first RPG experience was with the RISUS system, which rewards outlandish answers to wacky scenarios. It was wonderful! Hopefully, Todd Medema can figure out a way to bring that creative embellishment to Expedition RPG. 

My other favorites are Fate and Fiasco, which you already recommended!


Hi there! I briefly tried Guiding Twine, promptly learned about Microscope and... there was no link to the official website. Luckily it's easy to find online, but still. Good work otherwise!


Thank you and good idea. I'll start adding links to each game.