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I enjoyed this game very, very much. Chill Out builds on the framework of Alone Among the Stars and creates a relaxing road trip with elements of wonder and the unexpected by alternating sections of Alone-style prompts with significant stops that use the cards in different ways. As a result, the game is a cohesive and satisfyingly complete journey, though this means the length of the game isn't flexible. I made my road trip over the course of two days, and enjoyed my time immensely.

I didn't print out a map, as I don't always have access to a printer, so I just drew a rough simple map, enough so that I could annotate where certain landmarks occur to get a sense of the journey taken.

One thing I would add are additional, optional reflection prompts for the end of the trip.

Excellent and among the best of road trip journal games I've played.


Thank you so much! I really appeciate the feedback